Pistol Training

Chris Sajnog - Pistol TrainingCenter Mass Group offers two pistol courses: First Phase is a course for those just starting out or those who need to build a solid foundation to move on to more dynamic shooting techniques.  Second Phase is for intermediate to advanced shooters who are looking to advance their skill-set.  Both courses are taught by former Navy SEAL instructors and students will advance at their own pace while being pushed beyond their comfort zones.  Safety, Efficiency, Adaptability are all Learned points of performance in each course and the core of S.E.A.L. Shooting.

Follow the links below the view our course descriptions.  Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in having us run a custom course of instruction to fit the needs of you or your team.

First Phase

Every shooter will be pushed to their limits by Navy SEAL Instructors and then will be expected to perform.  This course is more than just marksmanship; at Center Mass Group we teach the art of gun fighting from a Navy SEALs perspective. [Learn More]

Second Phase

Our dynamic method of teaching you how to succeed outside your comfort zone will raise your pistol shooting confidence and proficiency while you learn battle proven techniques.   This course is three days of day and night ranges and force-on-force training with Airsoft. [Learn More]