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How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL (Paperback)

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Each year in America, 2 Million criminals break into homes just like yours. Is your aim good enough to guarantee your family’s safety?

How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL teaches gun owners and their families the same deadly effective techniques the author used to create the world’s deadliest snipers. The book is designed to give you the most powerful methods in easy-to-follow instructions.

When the book temporarily went out of print, new paperback copies were selling for as much as $3495.00!

Now you can save over $3,475.03 on this life-saving knowledge, with the security of knowing that it works — for both Navy SEALs and responsible gun owners like you.

A retired US Navy SEAL and bestselling author, Chris Sajnog was hand-selected to develop the entire US Navy SEAL Sniper training program.

Now, you can use these world-class techniques to master your weapon and protect your family.

How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL also comes with exclusive access to 12 online instructional video lessons filmed just for this book – no other shooting book offers you this! Watch Chief Sajnog show you his proven methods, and read detailed explanations in this book packed with Navy SEAL training in just 114 easy pages packed with crucial weapons knowledge.

Chief Sajnog doesn’t waste time showing you “cool moves” or “fancy footwork.” He gets down to the fundamental skills that separate US Navy SEALs from everyone else, and shows you how to use them in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– How to find the right positions for you — not the cookie-cutter methods that only work for some people — so you can maximize your aim with as little effort as possible.

– Simple training exercises you can do right now, at home, without having to spend 1,000’s of dollars at the shooting range.

– How to boost your accuracy by up to 95% — using the “Navy SEAL focus” technique that you can master in just minutes.

– Chris Sajnog’s “SEAL 7″: 7 super-simple steps that will completely change the way you shoot… so you can hit your mark every time.

– The SEAL Sniper Trick that you can start using today, allowing you to instantly hit targets at twice the distance.

– Why the aiming technique you were taught is completely wrong — and how you can fix it instantly.

– Plus… how to do all of this safely, without risking harm to your family.

Protect your loved ones, your country, and yourself, with the firearms techniques developed by the mastermind behind the US Navy SEAL Sniper training program and one of the most respected firearms trainers in the world, Chris Sajnog


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  • The #1 instructional shooting book on Amazon for over year!
  • Includes links to 12 exclusive training videos
  • No “Fluff” – Detailed How-To shoot train information
  • The most complete marksmanship manual for pistol and carbine
  • Written by Chris Sajnog
    • Retired Navy SEAL
    • Sniper Instructor
    • Master Training Specialist
    • Certified DOD and DHS Advanced Firearms Instructor
    • One of the most respected firearms instructors in the world

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1 review for How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL (Paperback)

  1. 5 out of 5


    “How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL” is a great book for both beginners and seasoned shooters. As a former Army sniper I was trained how to shoot one way – “By the book,” Yes, I could hit my mark every time however, Chris explores some different approaches to shooting I have never heard. I now have a more constant trigger pull that actually works for how I shoot. Which in my pistol equates to key-holing the target every time which is an improvement from a one inch grouping at 25 yards. Chris also teaches you never to think that you know everything and to always push yourself to become a better shooter. Before reading his book a one inch group at 25 yds was good for me, as using my rifle was my bread and butter. I have read the book several times and learned something new each time. You should buy this book if you want to shoot better. I thought the price was a little high, but after reading the book and watching the videos, the information that you get is worth every penny and more. But if you’re happy with where you’re at as a shooter and you’re not going to approach learning from the best with an open mind don’t waste your time! This book is only for those serious about learning to shoot.

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