Learn to Shoot like a Navy SEAL

Learn how to quickly and dramatically improve your tactics and shooting utilizing proven techniques created by Chris Sajnog to teach the worlds most elite warfighters.

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Virtuosity: How Navy SEALS Use Shooting Fundamentals To Forge Elite Warriors

How Navy SEALS Use Shooting Fundamentals

As a Navy SEAL I learned that there is no such thing as good enough and as SEAL Sniper I learned close enough is enough to get someone killed. Everything we did in training and on missions was done with the goal of perfection – anything less and we went back to the drawing board and figured out a way to go from good to great to ensure we were better than the enemy. When it comes to firearms training, if you want to be a truly great shooter, you too need to seek perfection in every aspect of your training program. Because unlike leisure endeavors’, shooting is literally either hit or miss. There is no, close enough when it comes to taking low percentage shots in a high-stress environment. This means not only a strong foundation in the shooting fundamentals, but performing the fundamentals exceedingly well – it takes Virtuosity.

Eye Dominance and How to Shoot With Both Eyes Open

Video into of how to shoot with both eyes open

Learning to shoot with both eyes open can be a bit challenging. The main reason is that it’s hard to describe exactly what you’re supposed to see when you do it. Because I talk about shooting with both eyes open a lot, I get lots questions on how to do it. So i created a video to not just tell you, but show you what I see when I shoot with both eyes open.