CENTER MASS GROUP provides elite level firearms and tactics training to military, paramilitary, law enforcement and civilian consumers. We offer various courses from novice/introductory 1-day classes to highly advanced week long courses.

If you’ve never even held a firearm (novice) or perhaps you’re an experienced competitive shooter, we can help you surpass your goals!

If you serve in the armed services or law enforcement communities, we will dramatically make you better by teaching you craft skills that have been previously limited to true Tier-1 operators.
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  • If you want the rock solid foundation to confidently and accurately engage threats while under stress…

  • With the steel resolve to go about your business, even when the odds are against you…

  • You should learn from the Navy SEAL instructor who literally developed the training to turn out more combat ready snipers than anyone.



Combat Training Courses

One handed

  • Pistol Combat Training

  • Carbine Combat Training

  • Mobile Training Teams/Hosted Courses



Training Center

shoot house

  • The ultimate Airsoft and CQC training facility in Southern California!

  • 15,000 sq/ft

  • rappel/fast-rope

  • Station Breaching


See what Others Have to Say about HOW TO SHOOT LIKE A NAVY SEAL:

  • “This book is the Real Deal from a great guy. Want to learn? Learn from the best, that teaches the best!”

    -Scott McEwen
    Best Selling Author,
    American Sniper and Sniper Elite

  • Chris Sajnog has managed to condense in one book the essence of gun fighting. Anyone being a Military, Law Enforcement or Citizen of the Free World should not only buy this book but often come back to the fundamentals described in it. In these uncertain times, such a concentration of wisdom and knowledge is a must have.

    -Michel M.
    SCH (ret) Spec Ops 1st group

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