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Learn to Shoot like a Navy SEAL

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cmg-chris-sajnogCENTER MASS GROUP (CMG) was created in 2011 by former Navy SEAL Instructor Chris Sajnog to pursue his passion for innovating tactics and firearms training. The skills, experience and instructional expertise that served him so well during his highly commendable military career have evolved to meet the demands of consumers outside the Special Operations community. CMG offers weapons and tactics training to military, paramilitary, law enforcement and civilian consumers.

In addition, CMG offers unique training manuals and online video courses designed after Chris’ bestselling HOW TO SHOOT LIKE A NAVY SEAL book.


There are other companies offering firearms training. However, no similar service or product providers can match the elite level of skills, experience and instructional bona fides of Chief Sajnog and his carefully selected instructor cadre.

CENTER MASS GROUP has quickly become known as best in class in terms of subject matter experts and cutting-edge training theories and techniques. No matter what your skill level, CMG gives its clients the experience of being trained by the most elite combat units in the world, and delivers insight into the training of these elite units that until now has been unavailable outside the secretive walls of our elite communities.

We’re not just repeating what we were taught…we are the teachers!

The Logo

Center Mass Group LogoThe CENTER MASS GROUP logo consists of two parts: the trident enclosed by a triangle.

The trident, a three-pronged military weapon, was used by Poseidon the Greek god of the sea. Poseidon, as well as being god of the sea, was also known as the “Earth Shaker” because when he struck the earth in anger he caused powerful earthquakes. As a weapon the trident was respected for its long reach as well as its ability to ensnare other long-weapons between its prongs, to disarm any foe.

We use the trident symbol because the Navy SEALS founding this company remain well connected to the sea, in addition to it representing the power of effective training and the ability to use elite training practices to outmatch your opponents.

In Taoism, the trident represents the Taoist Trinity of the Three Pure Ones and signifies the highest authority of Heaven. At CENTER MASS GROUP we practice the Training Trinity in that all of our training is:




The triangle is one of the basic shapes in geometry and is used as a warning sign in most countries. We enclosed the trident with this simple shape as a warning that not only does all training need to be delivered safely, but it also serves as a warning to our students: You must use the tactics, techniques and procedures we teach with prudence and ensure every shot you fire finds its intended target. Finally, the CENTER MASS GROUP trident and triangle logo was intentionally designed to be simple, without pomp or flash because this is the type of training we provide – simple, effective techniques that get the job done. To learn more about Chris Sajnog, Click Here.


I recently participated in a range pistol-shooting course with Chris Sajnog of Center Mass Group and was the Lead training instructor for benefit. Chris’s unique training techniques command your attention; they are clear, concise with a “real world” approach and focus on the “fundamentals”. This was clearly evident after my first couple rounds down range. He immediately recognized my “bad habits” of grip and trigger control. I made his instructed corrections, which had a dramatic impact on my accuracy and consistency throughout the training. His instruction had me shooting with much more focus, identifying my weaknesses and correcting them. This in turn illustrating that this is one of the key elements to achieve my ultimate goal of being a great shooter. I have been to the range several times since; the significant results of my shooting have been outstanding for me. In my experience this was hands down the best pistol-shooting course I have ever taken. Chris’s wealth of knowledge on weapons instruction is second to none. I would definitely recommend Chris Sajnog’s shooting instruction courses to civilian shooters (like myself), police officers and elite military shooters as well.

— Stephen (Steve) L. Weimer Building Services Technician – Verizon Global Real