Buy Chris' book

Buy Chris' book

Learn proven techniques to dramatically improving your marksmanship skills from Navy SEAL firearms instructor Chris Sajnog.

Learn how to quickly and dramatically improve your tactics and shooting!

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Senior Navy SEAL Instructor - Chris Sajnog

What people think of Center Mass Group

“This book is the Real Deal from a great guy. Want to learn? Learn from the best, that teaches the best!”

“To those who encounter Chris personally, you can expect an icy stare and avery sharp correction when your shooting performance is not up to his highstandards. You can then expect his strong hand on your shoulder for reassurance and encouragement to relax and try again. Chris has always received the highest marks from me and his fellow SEALs. Today he continues that mentorship into his retirement and shares those important traits with the next generation of young SEALs and men and women who look to him for “Proper Technique” with whatever he teaches.”

“Having attended multiple hands-on instructional courses in firearms training, I was impressed with how Chris broke down the fundamentals in a way I’d not seen before. This explanation has really helped me grasp a lot of the “why” in recognizing my bad habits and working to correct them.”

Chris Sajnog has managed to condense in one book the essence of gun fighting. Anyone being a Military, Law Enforcement or Citizen of the Free World should not only buy this book but often come back to the fundamentals described in it. In these uncertain times, such a concentration of wisdom and knowledge is a must have.